Since 19 July and the easing of restrictions, most of our organised club sessions have resumed.  However, the legacy of Covid-19 is still with us and we continue to use an App to attend sessions and we ask our guests to sign onto our Covid-19 framework document to protect themselves, other Members and the public.  Please visit our Covid page to learn about the latest situation and our offering to prospective Spa Strider Members.

We are a friendly running club based in Leamington Spa. If you want to train for a marathon, compete in races, get a bit fitter, or just meet some new people then browse around a bit to check out what we do, how to find us and what you need to know about joining.

The club is for anyone who enjoys running. Take a look at our events calendar to see which training sessions are best for you.

If you are already running regularly then you will find plenty of runners in the club who will be able to help you push that bit further and faster. Most new members improve pretty quickly. Joining a club such as ours is the best way to get faster and make friends while you do so!

Nigel Fox, Chair

Welcome to Spa Striders

We are a friendly England Athletics running club based in Leamington Spa and our runners can often be spotted running across the county. We offer a variety of sessions every night during the week. These sessions include hill training, speed work round the track and social runs that often end up off road and in a pub. The majority of sessions are suitable for everyone and we cater for a wide range of people. If you can run a 10k in about an hour or are looking to break three hours for a marathon come and try us out.

As a club we compete in the Warwickshire Road Race League as well as the local cross country leagues.  We love to see people racing in our green and red kit and we have some of the best supporters in the county who will give a massive cheer whenever they see you. Recently we have started to develop our coaches to see if they can help get the best out of our runners whatever their goals.

We aren’t just about running and racing though. We have an active social scene and highlights have included sunny barbeques, (and the occasional wet one!), bowling, games of rounders and quite a few trips to the pub!

If you sign up as a guest you get to run with us for four weeks for free to see if you like us, so whether you are just looking to get fitter or get faster come and give us a try.


Nigel Fox, Chair

Susie Stannard, Ladies’ Captain

I’ve been running with Spa Striders since my middle child was born in 2011. Although I ran somewhat haphazardly for a few years before that, running with Striders really developed my running and especially racing and I set new PBs across the board taking 10 minutes off my 10k time. More importantly I made some of my best friends over the years and had loads of fun.

In 2017 I had a bad skiing injury that ruptured my cruciate ligament and left me unable to run for months but my Strider ladies were real rocks, helping me with my hours of physio and coming to see me when I couldn’t train. When the role of Ladies Captain came free I went for it, wanting to give this amazing group of women as much help and support as they’ve given me over the years.

I absolutely love the challenge and competition of racing, whatever level you are you can contribute to the team and challenge yourself to meet your own personal goals and have fun. A big part of my role is to encourage as many women as possible to get involved with racing, whether on the road, the track or cross-country in the winter.


Susie Stannard - Ladies Captain

Susie Stannard – Ladies Captain

Chris McKeown, Men’s Captain

As Captain, I will be trying to encourage as many of you as possible to come to the various races we take part in throughout the year. In true Spa Strider style the focus will be on just taking part and having a good time rather than winning (although that is nice from time to time). I’ll be at most races (much to the annoyance of my husband) encouraging you whatever your targets/aims may be.

I also organise the Spa Strider handicap series which gives anyone the chance to win (results are based on how well you do against predicted times rather than first past the post). We have some Spa Strider only races which follow unusual formats. They are always good fun so do try and get along to one or two.


How do I join?

First, you need to register to run with us as a Guest, but look at our Covid-19 page to understand how we currently accommodate guests.  You will be asked for some basic personal details, such as your name and emergency contact number.  Once you have registered, you are welcome to run with us for four weeks to see if the club is right for you.  At any time you can join via PayPal.