Cross Country - Men

Birmingham Cross Country League

Spa Striders Men are currently in Division 3  and currently host a race at Burton Dassett Hills

Cross Country is for everyone! The Cross Country (XC) season runs from Oct-Feb, with a mix of league races, one-off races and relays all on offer!
Generally the men run approx 6 miles. The courses are all off-road, mainly around fields, with some beautiful scenery and the odd patch of mud...

These races are huge fun, full of camaraderie, and there is a strong trend for Beer and cake post-race. We want huge numbers of Striders out there, so everyone is encouraged to get the dates in your diaries!

Mens races are at 2:30pm on a Saturday unless otherwise stated.

Every runner can make a difference in XC. First over the line gets one point, second place gets two points and so on. The top Six (Four for the Masters competition) striders points are added together to get our final score. Even if you don’t finish in the top four you can knock down competing runners by finishing ahead of them, so get practising your sprint finish!

2023/2024 Season

Race 1 - 11/11/2023 - Aldridge Airport

Finished 2nd - Chris, Mckeown, Oscar Palmer,  Sam Davison, Adam Notley, Dan Fleming, Keith Wilson

Masters Finished 3rd - Chris, Mckeown, Sam Davison, Dan Fleming, Keith Wilson

Race 2 - 02/12/2023 - Plock Court, Gloucester

Race 3 - 13/01/2023 - Pelsall North Common

Race 4 - 10/02/2023 - Spa Striders @Burton Dassett

2022/2023 Season

Spa Striders Men Finished in 13th Place overall getting relegated to Division 3  with the Masters Men finishing in 9th Place

Race 1 – 12/11/22 – Plock Court

Finished 14th - Neil Smith, Keith Wilson, Andy Collins, Jason Hemming, Simon Ludford, Tim Beresford

Masters Finished 13th -  Jason Hemming, Tim Beresford, Ian Davis, Pete Teevan

Race 2 – 03/12/22 – Pittville Park

Finished 13th - Chris McKeown, Richard Spear, Adam Notley, John-Paul Hunt, Keith Wilson, Chris Wilson

Masters Finished - 11th - John-Paul Hunt, Tim Beresford, Simon Reiter, Ian Davy

Race 3 – 14/01/23 – Ipsley Meadows

Finished 10th - Chris McKeown, Neil Smith, Richard Spear, John-Paul Hunt, Adam Notley, Niel Strydom

Masters Finished 12th - John-Paul Hunt, Andrew Owen, Tim Beresford, James Hartwright

Race 4 – 11/02/23 – Burton Dassett Hills

Finished 9th - Chris McKeown, Neil Smith, Adam Notley, Niel Strydom, John-Paul Hunt, Chris Wilson

Masters Finished 11th - John-Paul Hunt, Andrew Owen, Rich Humphrey, Kenneth Gregor