These are sociable, steady runs of between three and nine miles: a great chance to get to know your fellow club mates. Numbers vary, but we often get 90+ people turning up. We use a booking app to split into smaller groups to make things manageable.

The runs start and end at the club house and in the summer we sometimes run from a different location, often finishing with a chip butty or a drink at a pub. 
We aim for groups running at these paces:

Short 10 min/mile +

Short 9:30 - 10:00 min/mile

Short 9:00 - 9:30 min/mile

Medium 8.30-9:00 min/mile

Medium 8 - 8.30 min/mile

Long 8 - 8:15 min/mile

Long 7.30 - 8 min/mile

Long <7.30 min/mile

We also have two 5k groups, ideal for those who want a steady chatty run and great if you are returning from injury or getting back into running. They are paced at:

10:00 -11:00 min/mile

11:00+ min/mile


Speedwork at a lactate threshold pace. This is the point where your lactic acid levels increase faster than your body is able to clear them. A higher lactate threshold means hard racing becomes easier. Great  if you’re training for a half marathon or marathon.

We have two groups: one for those capable of running a 1:45 half marathon or faster and a slower group that is suitable for everyone.



These vary week by week and could be Hill Sessions, Fartlek runs, Strength and Conditioning or Mile Reps. Suitable for all including new joiners because the chosen course is always small. Run4it is a typical session: Meet at Pump Room Gardens near the library, run around the gardens at a modest pace to ensure everybody knows the route, run for four mins as fast as you can, recover for three mins as you make your way back to the start. Everybody in sight of everybody else - only the public to weave around!


There is also a progressive 5-10k group starting at St. Nicholas Park in Warwick. This group is ideal if you are looking to build up from 5 to 10k distance. Over a 6 week block the sessions get gradually longer, starting at 6k and building up to 10k, then the block starts again. A steady run at a pace suitable for everyone in the group.

Check the app for this week's distance!


These are speed workouts. They take a variety of forms, and vary week by week. Suitable for all and based at Edmonscote track. Note: the cost of using the track is subsidised by the club but we do charge a small fee, paid via the app.


Six steady miles: faster group ~9 min miles, slower group ~ 10 min miles.

Six steady kilometres - usually at 10+ min/mile. A great way to finish the week. No one is left behind. Suitable for all.