Running Guidelines

Here is a gentle reminder about some key guidelines to help all of our sessions run as smoothly as possible.

* Be visible: when running in the dark wear bright, highly visible, and preferably reflective, clothing.

* Know where you’re going: where possible, make yourself aware of the route from our website or check with the Session Leader beforehand.

* Stay safe: run on the pavements rather than the roads. Always stop and look before crossing roads. If running on the road is unavoidable, face oncoming traffic and run single file. Those at the front of the group should shout a car/bike/obstacle warning to those behind.

* Be courteous: avoid running more than two abreast and be aware of other road/pavement users, especially pedestrians and cyclists. Thank those who give way to you.

* Look after each other: take responsibility for the welfare and safety of your club mates, not just yourself. Ensure that no-one is left behind, gets lost, or becomes isolated. Check that those behind you are in sight and ok.

* Don’t disappear: if leaving the group before the end of the session, ensure that other people (and preferably the Session Leader) are aware of this.

* Stay with the leader: our leaders run the designated pace for each session, please stay with them and do not run ahead of them.

* Listen: headphones are not permitted during any club session, including track.

* Consider mobiles & ID: in an emergency situation, you will be grateful for them. Carry ID (name, address, emergency contact, medical info) and a mobile holding another member’s telephone number (preferably the Session Leader’s) and ICE. This is especially important for Session Leaders and back markers.

* Be healthy: do not run if you feel unwell, unfit or are injured. Any accidents or injuries that occur during a club session should be reported to the Session Leader as soon as possible after the incident.

Thank you!