Spa Striders are actively investing in qualified running coaches to help our members achieve their running goals. Many of our coaches will have joined us as novice runners, maybe through one of our introductory programmes, and then progressed to become qualified coaches at a later stage. All of the coaches detailed on this page have achieved a UK Athletics Association running qualification (see below for more information), or an equivalent/higher level. Some of our coaches have athletics/track or gym/strength training qualifications too. They are all experienced runners and you will see many of them at club sessions on a regular basis. The majority of our coaches lead the weekly training sessions and all of them are happy to provide personalised advice at a planned session, during an informal chat and/or via social media.

If you need any running advice, just ask one of them!

UKA Coach in Running Fitness Level 2 – A level 2 is qualified to coach for endurance running on a variety of surfaces, plan progressive programmes to help runners towards their specific goals. (CIRF)

UKA Leadership in Running Fitness Level 1 – A level 1 is qualified to deliver fun and safe sessions to multi-ability groups, give advice and support to new runners and develop pathways for those who want to progress. (LIRF)

Fell Leader in Running Fitness – FLiRF – A FLiRF is an off-road version of the above. They are qualified to lead a group of runners off-road and can also demonstrate appropriate warm ups, cool downs, plus drills. A Fell Leader will also be able to provide specific advice on uphill and downhill running technique, provide instruction and demonstration, give advice on safety, energy systems, planning and barriers related to off-road running.